Wall Of Wine

Read this title to the beat of the TV show “Wheel  of  Fortune”. That’s appropriate because we invested a fortune, probably close to the cost of a week’s RV parks ( we try to find the cheap ones). It’s a good deal though, as you can see my  wall   of   wine  is taller than our house……well, it looks taller.

It really is the equivalent of 24 bottles and I should tell you that our cashier had to call her surpervisor to approve the  transaction because we had saved over $50, ( $57 to be exact on our $109.62 purchase including the beer (( we got a deal on it too)) you see below).

Good wine for just a little more than $4 a bottle and diesel fuel for our house for just a little less. I love it

7 thoughts on “Wall Of Wine

  1. I know I’m slacking but I haven’t even tried it yet. I’ll bet I like it though. Usually I like any beer that doesn’t say “light” on it. I’ll report, I promise

  2. Rick. I really appreciate your support. I\It’s good to know that somebody’s got my back for big decisions like that.

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