Waking Up In Camp Walmart

Our first night on the road, and where would you think we settle?

We are in Lewisburg Pennsylvania, near highway 15, our destination in couple of days down the road is a park near Virginia Beach, Virginia for a week.

A month ago we thought  our voyage this winter was going to be back to revisit Arizona but then Buster had his stroke so we put off travel until he was in better health. When we added up the unusual expenses we incurred over the summer including our other dog Angel’s dislocated hip, the new car and finally Buster’s “vascular accident” we decided that having spent an extra $40,000 this summer something closer to home might be a better choice.

Now that my buddy Buster is back to his miserable self we are headed south to discover some new places while still staying fairly close to home.

While we were deciding we should stop spending like drunken sailors ( I didn’t say we weren’t going to be drunken sailors, we just don’t want to spend like it) we also decided that we are going to save some money on our RV parks so we bought  a Coast to Coast membership. We’ll tell you how that goes as we go along.

 And not only can we afford better wine, we will deserve it.

It should all work though; the way I see it, if we can save a bunch of money on fuel and parks we can certainly afford to drink better wine. And not only can we afford better wine, we will deserve it.

So why not join us? If you’re good we might even share a glass. Besides, we promise to show you some new places

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” 

9 thoughts on “Waking Up In Camp Walmart

  1. Travel safe and have fun, we have saved well over $50,000.00 in camping fees with our membership campgrounds, and for the most part are pretty good, hope it works out for you.

  2. Glad to see you back blogging Larry. Also glad Buster is back to his “miserable ” self 😉

  3. Hey guys, Camp Walmart it doesn’t get much better. Glad to see the main dog has made a good recovery and is on the road. We are leaving home on Oct 31 stopping in Richmond VA for a week with our daughter Approx Nov 3 to 10 then to NC Hendersonville for a few day before heading to FL, maybe our paths will pass someplace. Have a great winter stay safe and pats to Buster and Angel.

  4. Glad to know your adventure for this winter has begun. Enjoy and keep posting as I love the reads. Hugs to our miserable Buster so glad he is doing better.

  5. Pat and I were thinking of you yesterday on your departure. Even mentioned to our insurance agent that all our full-timer friends @ Fifty Point were hitting the road….wish we were doing the same as the weather is quickly changing. Picked up the new car today and looking forward to packing it to head south in a few weeks time. Safe travels my friends.

  6. I was looking over prior entries about Shaw satellite and wondering how you find the coordinates you need while travelling. My husband got the squeally box from shaw but doesnt work well! Any advice 🙂

  7. Congratulations Mary! You are now officially trailer trash just like the rest of us. Say Hi to Charlie for us

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