Very Different Perspectives

Looking over Toronto's CN Tower

Looking over Toronto’s CN Tower

We head into the City of Toronto Saturday afternoon, on a mission to baby sit our now four-year-old grandson Aiden. We catch up with him about 3 pm to plan our stratetgy.
At about 3:30 we catch the 505 Red Rocket (that’s what Toronto folk call their street cars) down Dundas Street to a large movie/entertainment complex at Younge and Dundas Square.

When we pre-bought our tickets we were surprised to find out that under 5’s and seniors pay roughly the same price for tickets. We’re not sure what that means, but we appreciate the discount.

We find our theater but not before we stock up on popcorn and Almond M&M’s. He has brought his own apple juice and that’s important because he doesn’t like soda. Kids can be different these days.
We are here to see Rio 2and the movie is in 3D so our glasses are on and we’re ready when the movie begins. Thanks to the big screen, the 3D and the amazing sound system we all are able to enjoy the movie on our own level. Marilyn and I may be laughing at different points of the show than Aiden, but we all enjoy the show.

Over an-after-show dinner Aiden announces he wants to go for a train ride. Remember, we’re grandparents and we’re minutes from the subway, so after dinner we catch a ride on the subway.
We’ve left the dogs at the condo and they have a schedule too so we catch a subway, thena street car home to tend to our “other kids.”

This is where I get a little disappointed in Marilyn’s behaviour. She not only invited her current beau (that’s me) in but once she had her grandson tucked away safe and sound, she offered her date (still me) a glass of wine. And then another. As we were enjoying gazing at the city lights from the 21st floor of our kid’s condo we remembered when we had a sitter for our kids.

Can you imagine how impressed we would have been to find out that our sitter had invited a “friend” in for the evening?

Our kids made last call (I had to ask what time last call was these days) and had a great evening, as did Mar and I learning again about life from a four year old’s perspective and watching the world from the 21st floor.
We’re back at on the ground 50 Point now, happy to be back closer to our family again.

looking north-east from downtown Toronto

looking north-east from downtown Toronto

“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.” -George Burns

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