Vanstones; Meet Ottawa

Center Block, Parliment HillMarilyn is quicker than I. It only took her 59 years. I’m a little slower, it took me a whole 67 years. But we did it. We came, we visited our nation’s capital and we are both blown away. Ottawa is a beautiful city that certainly deserves more than just one day  to see and visit the  national buildings,  the gorgeous scenery with all the hiking and biking trails and so much more.

This trip east was meant as a teaser; to get us excited about properly seeing the eastern part of our great country. It is turning into exactly that.

It also has me in a position I’m not normally in. I am speechless.

5 thoughts on “Vanstones; Meet Ottawa

  1. To bad we just left we would have loved to show you around one of the most beautiful, interesting cities in Canada.

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