The Vanstones Do Austin


meet the gang

meet the gang

In Austin you can buy an all day bus pass for $2 so from Austin Lone Star RV Park we do a 10 minute walk, board a bus and head downtown.

As we leave the bus, we first see a group of canopies in a park, so being the nosey folks we are we walk over to find an Organic/Local/Funky food market.

I spy a merchant selling Kolaches. I need to ask; what’s a kolache? Turns out it’s a Czech sweet bread with a fruit filling. It’s also very good. Mare tries an organic, gluten-free hemp and reports that “it tastes just like hemp.”

Kolache pronounced CoLatch I think

Kolache pronounced CoLatch I think

Next it’s off to the state capital where we are just in time to catch the local “Black Lives Matter” rally. They’re going left, so we go right and find a beautiful St Mary church.

Black Lives Matter march

Black Lives Matter march

Next,we’re off to 6th, a six block area of restaurants and live music bars like Beale street in Memphis or Nashville’s Broadway. Great area here but we are plagued by what seems like hundreds of street people all looking for handouts.

After a great lunch we wander, watching people, checking out old buildings, you know the routine. We spy a Starbucks and enjoy our first ever coffee brewed in a “Clover”, the new great invention in upscale coffee  marketing.

We’re starting to wear down so we walk to Lady Bird Park, and find a bench and rest our weary feet while we savor our coffees.

Austin's iconic  Lake Lady Bird Johnson

Austin’s iconic Lake Lady Bird Johnson

Before heading back to the bus we walk  “South Congress”, an extremely busy area of funky shops and eateries along the street of the same name.

I enjoyed the farmer’s market, the state capital, the church and 6 Street but I think my highlight was South Congress.

Next we taste Texas barbeque.

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Safe travels my friends and thank you for the read.





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  1. Ah wonderful memories of a great city. I just read this to Dale and he said Austin that is where we played golf with a Golden Retriever. Yep our fourth that day on the golf course was Buddy the Golden. Funky city is right. Enjoy!

  2. OMG, we were just about to book our flights to Hawaii and forget about the road this winter, but just reading about Austin, makes me think otherwise….truly one of my favourite places we visited last year….please check out the Salt Lick BBQ…well worth the drive….dont buy their wine tho, take your own…. enjoy!

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