Us Crazy Canucks


Yesterday morning it was 4 or 5 degreesĀ  (low 40’s) with a nasty north wind blowing freezing cold air across Lake Ontario.
Who could possibly think of a better time to get together for a “Goodbye” coffee and donuts party.
Most normal people wouldn’t have bothered to even think about being out on such a day but we’re RVer’s and somebody did whisper “Free”, so you know we just had to go.

Today we are off to Toronto for our fourth annual Festivus celebration.
Then it’s just one more sleep, tomorrow we head out.

5 thoughts on “Us Crazy Canucks

  1. Not this winter. We loved every minute we spent at Tres Amigos but it’s a big world out there and we love to hear those tires as they hum on the pavement. We are not sure where we are headed but if we do Mexico it will probably be the Baja. It could be time, we last visited the San Jose/Cabo area in our motorhome in 2001. Just a thought: When are you leaving Kelowna? That might work.

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