Two thousand miles from home

can you count the birds?

Can you count the birds?

So here we are, snuggled in, in Rockport Texas, about 2,000 miles from Grimsby. But are we really 2,000 miles from home? I’m sitting here at our table, still in my pyjamas, plunking on my computer but when I look outside I see we are surrounded by huge Live Oak trees. There are no Live Oaks in Grimsby.
So while back at home its -2 (that’s about 28F) this morning here, this home,┬áits more like 20 (low 70’s). This is certainly the weather we were looking for so to the question “where are you guys going this winter?” we don’t yet have an answer but we are definetley looking in the right part of the world.

If you follow me on FaceBook you saw these pictures a couple of days ago, had a good chuckle, maybe left a comical comment, shared them with some friends and moved on. But I’m just so damned proud of our puppies I have to show you them here as well. Our dogs don’t heel, don’t do tricks or come when called. But when it comes to guiding a 20 ton motor coach towing a 2 ton car down the highways of North America they are amazing. And now you too can see the proof.
Now I ask you “What can your dog do?”

This fall, before we left I took a couple more camera courses and as a result are really getting in to this picture taking thing. There is no particular significance to this picture except that it’s a neat old cash register. So here you go, confident in the knowledge that as you and I get older and neater, some day, if we’re really really good, our pictures may appear here too.


Mucho Gracias for the read my friends. Safe Travels

5 thoughts on “Two thousand miles from home

  1. All is looking well for you guys and dogs…..which means more good reading and photography views for us!!!

  2. Interesting to catch up with you. Bonnie sent me your blog address. Paul and I left Grimsby mid-morning Dec.1. Just pulled into Houston this evening. Final destination for the bulk of the winter is Mesa.. May see you on a highway somewhere. You may recognize the truck.

  3. Welcome aboard guys. We will look for you on the highwa . We think from here we are headed to Austin but this is the year of Make No Plans.

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