Two 4 Two

These days it’s all about the road trip, now just 2 or 3 days away.

We’ve decided that we need to get back into geocache. We found that’s a great way to really get to know a new area. Geocache takes you to places you would never even hear about with out it. Does that make any sense?

You probably don’t remember, I hardly do, but we first learned about geocache with friends Sonny and Linda way back in 2009. I told that story, including the part about the drive-thru daiquiri store.


dsc_1398-01On our way home we bought all the necessary geocache gear and tried it as soon as we got back. First day out, I think we found one hiding spot, couldn’t find anymore and lost all our gear ¬†before the day was over.

We found the gear later, but it turns out that our first day out was our last day out for that go-around.

Fast forward to this past summer when we visited Dale and Sheila in Brockville. They had learned about geocache from their grandchildren and wanted to share with us. While Marilyn geocached with the Dukes I took pictures.

I got some great shots and they found one or two caches but the major find of the day turned out to be a local pub that served great craft brews. I think they also served a great plate of nachos.

You don’t use an old school GPS device anymore. Now it’s all about the app on your smart phone. We downloaded the app, then walked to our first find. Turned out it was next to a bar but being the strong-willed people that we are, we resisted the urge.

Find number 2 was near the St Catharines railway station. Marilyn found it right away, I took the pictures and we hurried home to celebrate.

Sunset in St Catharines

Sunset in St Catharines

This last cache also had a travel bug in it. For those of you who aren’t up on such things a travel bug has a name and serial number. You report your find on the geocache website, then move it on down the road ¬†and place it in another cache. The original owner can track their bug as it travels around the world. That’s pretty cool right? This one started it’s travels in Quebec, placed by a gentleman named Steve from the Galapagos Islands. We think we will cache it in southern Alabama or Mississippi or somewhere more warm than here.

They are completely renovating St Catharines bridge

They are completely renovating St Catharines bridge.

I think that’s all for today. Thanks again for your attention.

Did I ever mention how I like to be shared? Go ahead, do it. Share me with someone you love. Or hate. Don’t worry, Marilyn is OK with it.

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  1. We geocached yesterday and found 2 out of 3 we were seeking. Must admit all three were placed in “extremely” interesting locations here in Alabama. Looking forward to some geocache adventures in Texas.

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