Tumco California

Heading Out For Adventure

It’s a Friday morning and the Vanstones are out looking for adventure. We are definetly tired of city life, we’ve had it with pavement, parking lots and shopping centers. We bring water, snacks and of course the dogs and head out to see what we can see.

We travel west of Yuma on I-8 them turn north on California S-34. Our goal is to find the old mining town of Tumco. We are warned that there is not much left of the old gold mining town, warned that anything of value from the once proud town of 3,000 people is long gone. But in it’s hey day, in the early 1900’s it boasted a school, a church, a hospital and four 24 hour a day bars, at least two of which featured “sporting gals”.

Here, coincidentally is the foundations of  one of those bars, the most substanial of any foundations in the whole town. Pardon the pun, but it’s obvious that the people that built this bordello weren’t screwing around. For my part I’m sorry I was late. We know I like old bars. We also know I’m always  packing my own Sporting Gal  and  it looked like a fun spot.

Isn’t it ironic what part of the bar/bordello still stands after all these years?

We could only find one remaining inhabitant of this old town and he wasn’t talking.

Is that snake a Rattler?

After about an hour the dogs were really happy to get back to the truck. Mar and I flipped down the tailgate, dug out a couple of crisp delicious apples and and enjoyed the sun. All in all, it was just shaping up to be a beauty day and we were in no hurry to rush through it.

The story takes a turn

Back at S34 the signs say there is more to this old town’s story straight ahead, so off we go to Gold Rock RV Resort.  As we near the historic sight/RV park we can see old mining equipment. We park and step inside to a building full of old bits and pieces they have collected from around the mine area and rocks and fossils from around the globe.

While we are wandering around in the store, a young lady comes walking by and stops to say that she just put the coffee on and today they have doughnuts. We should join them. A few of the folks from the RV park are already there, when they see us joining in they add another table and welcome us.
We enjoy the next hour with our very newest friends as they tell us of all the things there are to do in the area. As we head back to the highway we discuss this amazing lifestyle we have chosen where we see so much and meet so many interesting people. we truly are just “having a ball.”

See Buster looking out the sun roof?

Thanks to the folks at Gold Rock for the coffee and doughnuts and thankyou for the read.

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