Tucked In

Good news and bad news. The good news is we right downtown in Palm Springs and are tucked in real close, especially after the sites we have been on for the last 6 weeks in Jojoba Hills. The bad news? $48 per night, $96 for 2 nights. More good news though we can walk to all the downtown Palm Springs hot spots. Hey Contessa, we are at the Happy Traveler RV Park

Not a good start this morning

Pressure Pro sensor

Seems that when I was washing and shining up the truck yesterday (remember you have to drive a clean and shiny mortorhome and you certainly can’t pull a dirty truck, those are the California Rules) I must have loosened the Pressure Pro sensor on my left front truck tire. So we started the day with a flat. No problem though, we have lots of tire pumps; I’ll just grab one. Oops, left them both in storage because we didn’t bring the bikes so we wouldn’t need a pump, right?   Wrong.
We were OK though our coach has an air compressor for the air ride and air brakes. 20 minutes later we were on the road.

Eat your heart out

Tonight we are off to meet Langley BC friends Anne and Steen at a downtown restaurant that specializes in Belgian Ale and Mussels.

4 thoughts on “Tucked In

  1. Hi, If you have time, check out the restaurant Trio……has a great happy hour dinner menu – 3 courses $20 and the food is really great…..

  2. The on board compressor works good, and is very handy. Glad you got the tire pumped up. Wow thats a pricey campground, and we complain at $15.00 a night. Enjoy downtown Palm Springs and friends along the way a touristy hot spot for sure.

  3. Flat tire or not , at least you met the rules & regulations for travelling in Palm Springs! Shinny clean. Good things come in small packages. Enjoy the visits, the food and various beverages.

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