Truck Poop

We know a lot about poop, Marilyn and I. Angel’s favorite is Canada Goose poop. She loves to go for a walk around the little lake here at 50 Point because that’s where the geese love to hang out, sqawking  and shitting all the while. Unless of course she is  in Mazatlan, then Buster and her just love Horse poop, most especially the fresh, newly dropped kind the Mexican horses leave on the beach as they gallop by (we call them horse muffins).

And of course we follow the dogs around morning and night with our little bags so that we can pick up their latest droppings before one of our neighbors steps in their left overs.

Which brings us to the picture above.  I guess the truck driver got a ticket for his shittly faux pas. Who would ever be carrying a bag this big to clean up a mess this huge?

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