Trouble In Paradise

IMAG2624We leave the casino and about an hour later arrive at Abita Spring RV Resort  and in our usual fashion, the dogs and I inspect the grounds while Marilyn goes in to do the paperwork. We have reserved for one week, a full hook up and 50 amp.  She walks through the door that proudly displays the coast to coast sign and is met with “You’re Coast to Coast, we’re too busy with our own members.  I don’t have any full hookups for you.”

My queen is normally a friendly good-natured reasonable lady but if you show her a big attitude she can and will, show it back in grand style. “I’m glad you’re busy” says Mar “but we have a reservation for a full service site”.

“We look after our members first then C2C. The best you get is electric and water.” responds the gal behind the counter.

Marilyn comes out to her grounds inspection team and announces “We can’t stay here.”

It’s only about noon so we’ve got lots of time to go where ever we want but it’s also Friday of the first warm “springlike” weekend. She’s on the phone and getting nowhere. She finally calls the next park we’re booked into. They too are busy for the weekend but can get us in on Sunday afternoon. Perfect!

IMAG2627Now we go back to our C2C gal. By now, everybody has cooled down. “OK, we’ll take your power and water for two nights.” As what I assume is a peace-offering they give us their best  non full hook up site. We drive off to get set up in site 23. If you have ever been in this park you will agree. #23 is the nicest spot in not just this park, but probably dozens of other parks. There is one small issue though, somebody is already there. Back to the office; You can tell by the look, she’s thinking bad thoughts about us again.

IMAG2621OK, than you can have 16. In fact, you can have any spot you want. Just come and tell us. Thank you for 16 we say. It will be fine.

Back we go. We’re parked, everything is going fine except we have no power.  They look after that for us right away.

I should point out that we can live without 50 amp and full hook ups. We can live with no services at all.  And I understand that they want to look after their own members.  What I don’t understand is why  promise us something they know they  won’t deliver?

Anyway, 16 is a gorgeous site and the neighbors are real friendly. Too bad we’re only here for 2 nights.


In my world the town of Abita Springs is most famous for the  Abita Springs Brewery. Every winter when we get south I sample their  golden nectar  at least once, so it only makes sense that we visit the source of my pleasure while here.

Off we go to check out the town and find the brewery.  I have an app on my phone  that shows me where all  breweries and brewpubs in North America  are but our GPS won’t accept the address. Finally we spy a gentleman who looks local and looks like he knows a thing or two about beer.  He  directs us to exactly the address our GPS insisted didn’t exist.

Thank you beer loving guy.

We arrive at  the brewery at 3:13, only to find they close at 3 pm. It must be a good tour, everybody coming out is extremely happy.

On the way home we stop at Walmart and buy a cold party pack of their fine brews. When we get home we’ll have our own tour. Maybe we’ll try the brewery  again today.

“I try to stay in a constant state of confusion just because of the expression it leaves on my face.” -Johnny Dep





4 thoughts on “Trouble In Paradise

  1. I keep thinking I should go thank them for sticking us over here. We drove through the rest of the park and its a gravel pit compared to the part we are in.
    We live a tough life when that’s all we have to whine about. It became kind of comical as each thing ocurred. We plan to catch the one o’clock at Abita.

  2. For us a campground is simply place to park our house with some hookups. Mostly the areas that we enjoy. Enjoy all the beer you can drink in one hour. It will be very bust there today.
    Have many very nice people there too.
    The gravel is good because we have seen up to 6 inches of rain water all through the campground. No where for it to go in a swamp.
    We did to the Honey Island swamp tour the year after Katrina and was really interesting.
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