Trip To Port St Lucie

Beautiful tree lined Martin Highway

Beautiful tree lined Martin Highway to Port St Lucie

Off To The Bigger City

Our goal is to produce quality prints of Marilyn’s art and have that process up and running this week, so we need to travel to a city much larger than Okeechobee to hunt for and gather the necessary supplies.
Bright and early, we rise, shower, even brush our teeth. We want to look our best for the east coast crowd. The two towns may only be an hour away from each other but they are world’s apart.
At least half of the trip along the Martin Highway to Port St Lucie is beautiful and tree lined as you see above. The truck windows are open, the tunes are playing, the wind in our hair, it’s a great day to be alive.
We need art supply stores and office supply stores so first our GPS takes us to a Michael’s. We’re not finding a lot there, but coincidentally, honest, we are right next door to a Total Wine.

One aisle of many in Total Wine

One aisle of many in Total Wine

Now We Are Talking

I don’t think this is one of their real big stores but there is still probably 10,000 square feet of racks full of any kind of alcohol my mind could imagine. We grab a couple of $16 Black Boxes (often about $22 at Wal-Mart)  for Marilyn and she convinces me that I need to buy some beer. Rather than cause a scene in public, I choose to agree and pick up a half-dozen bottles of that unique liquid of the gods.We’ll talk about the beer another time.

It’s just like Christmas shopping as we dart from store to store, as she makes her list and checks it twice. I, however, can’t decide which beer I will open first when we get home.

In the middle of all this we each grab an exotic big city salad in a big city restaurant and enjoy a leisurely lunch.

Shopping completed, we aim our trusty steed in a westerly direction and head off back to Okeechobee..

Shady Martin Highway

Martin Highway in the afternoon shade. No extra charge for the bugs on the windshield.

Buster and Angel are sure happy to see us when get home (it’s too warm to take them with us so they spent the day in air conditioned comfort, listening to great tunes on the radio) and the neighbors are just getting their chairs organized for a regular afternoon meeting, aka Happy Hour.
Alas, I will not be having an exotic beer today. After spending an afternoon in the 80 plus degree heat the beer needs to visit the beer fridge.

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang

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  1. Yes that is all fine and dandy but did you find the art store you needed……the rest of the story

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