Tooth Ache

My little buddy has a toothache.

Marilyn brushes the dog’s teeth almost every day and noticed that with Buster what had been an easy exercise was suddenly getting difficult. He had a sore spot in there somewhere. We watched it for about a week, it still bothered him every time Marilyn brushed his teeth so yesterday she took him to a vet here in Apache Junction.

Seems somehow he has broken a tooth. The vet explained that a broken tooth is not that uncommon with older dogs (what? He’s getting older too? He is a couple of months short of 11 years old) and for geriatric dogs they need to do  extra tests to make sure he’s OK. End result, $600 on top of the close to $200 to get him checked out.  We booked an appointment for Friday Morning.

If they could have done it yesterday afternoon, when the emotions were high he would be down a tooth or two this morning and we would have been down eight hundred bucks. This morning I’m up early, telling this story to you and the “Second Thoughts” are cutting in. Obviously we are not going to let him suffer, not even for a minute, but he  appears to be in no pain until we touch his mouth.

Six hundred bucks to pull a tooth?

Mar and I, We need to talk. Maybe we need to find a more reasonable vet. Or maybe I just need to suck it up, Buttercup. We’ll keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “Tooth Ache

  1. We had the same thing with one of our now long passed weiners. Noticed she was having trouble eating, broken tooth. No way did they charge us so much. Suggest you check around for prices or perhaps go across the border to get it taken car of at a much less price. Our girl was 5 at the time and suffered no ill effects from pulling the tooth.

    Actually you could probably do it yourself Larry. Google it! Give him some relaxing meds and just do it!! Then buy Buster tons of toys for the $600.00~

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