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So we got the tandem down off the truck this morning and went for a ride in the country around  Abbeville.  As you can see, it’s a gorgeous morning, we’re feeling lucky to be out enjoying this one. Grabbing the bike instead of going for a walk was a smart choice.

A very common sight in this whole area are fields that are flooded and look like this:

Here’s a close up of  a bunch of traps (the red things).

What they’re farming here is two things. They plant rice, flood the fields, then grow crawfish.  Every day they work their way through their fields emptying their crawfish traps (the red things). We saw a very similar process in Mexico where they were harvesting shrimp in shallow waters. Here’s what those crawfish look like after they’ve boiled them. Here’s ready to serve:

They’re a lot of work, very little meat per fish, but they taste great, kind of like lobster, but a little more taste.

Don’t worry, there’s no test. Thanks for the read.

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