Today I Retired


On Friday night, when we were on our way back from the rehearsal dinner at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, while gazing at the view I remember wondering what was going to be next in our life once the wedding was all done. 

It didn’t take long to find out. This morning after Mar and I had a little chat, I drove up the hill, sat down with the brothers Sicard and we said our adieu’s.

I’ve enjoyed working with them since 2002. They are certainly fair and reasonable men,  but this year the pressure was just a little more than I needed to handle.

I guess I’m getting old!

It’s only been a few hours but its starting to feel pretty good.
Coincidentally, tomorrow morning our coach goes in for service and guess where its going?

Oh well, that will give me a good chance to clean out my desk.

9 thoughts on “Today I Retired

  1. I recognize the feeling….it is one that one can feel when it is really happening.
    Wish you to do now all the things you wanted to do but had no time till the present.

  2. Well Larry its about time, glad you have made the decision and hope you can enjoy your retirement even more! Hmm, now if we need a another coach who will we call?? You are the best!!

  3. Hello Folks:
    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your retirement, Larry, Yes, there does come a time and it is funny how it hits you, when you say ‘this is it’, that happened to both Don and I in our jobs, and never once have we regretted it. Don having farmed for over 45 years, has no regrets whatsoever, now mind you, if Peter were not taking over, it might be different, but his life is now lawn bowling and golfing, and planning the next trip. I feel we are very fortunate to have our health in our retirement! Good for you.
    And the few wedding pictures we have seen, my what a beautiful girl your Pam is, and Marilyn, you look stunning! We are looking forward to more pictures.
    Thanks again for the info.
    As ever, Don and Barb

  4. Well congratulations to you!!!!!!!! hopefully the stress wasn’t because of our ‘purchase’ lol…honestly we are very happy for make plans to come east next summer!!! The wedding pictures I’ve seen so far are gorgeous!!! I truly hope we all meet down the road once again!!

    (Rick Tucker and Lilly too)

  5. Congratulations Larry….Timing came from within and it will be agreeable to you both, I’m sure. Happy trails and full freedom!!!

  6. Congrats Larry,
    You’ve had quite a week! Several milestones for the Vanstones!
    Its a good thing you’ve been training for it the last few years. May you have many happy, healthy years together.

  7. Congratulations Larry. The no stress feeling must be a great feeling special the ones you are not in conrole of. Are you still staying in 50th point? Many happy years for the two of you, Leo and Emmy

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