To Mexico Or Not To Mexico Part Two

We waiver: Yes, we’re going. then the next day it’s No we’re not. We don’t need to decide now, bu the way the days are rolling by, it will have to be soon.

We last talked about Borderland Beat. For the other side of the story you can check out The Truth About Mexico but for a real look at what life in Mexico is really like these days check out some of the local blogs on Countdown To Mexico .

Are you getting a completley different picture or what?

We continue to ponder. Ponder & discuss.  Who knows, the final decision may be made by Buster. I wonder what he thinks

3 thoughts on “To Mexico Or Not To Mexico Part Two

  1. I knew that Buster was one smart dog, but I’ve never seen him on the lap top. Now I know what he does all day. That explains all those shapely Perra (is that a word? as in female Perro?) pictures come from. The picture is on of my faves of Mexico, It’s Bahai Coyote (Coyote Bay) on the Baja. The water you see is the Sea of Cortez. There are probably 20 RV’s parked along that beach, all dry camping. Some had been there for months.

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