Thwarted Travellers

No Big Al

Picture this if you will:

They leave their warm and cozy beds before normal awakening time, they rush through their way through their normal bathroom routines, they leave the breakfast table before the last drop of coffee has been properly savored.
They climb in their shiny Honda Ridgeline only to dodge serious traffic on normally relaxed and casual rural highways. And it’s all for nothing.
Yeah, sure they claim they were coming from Sebring to Okeechobee to visit with Marilyn and I but really, deep down inside, I think they made the trip primarily to see our resident gator,Big Al.
You see Pat’s sister Kathy is visiting Pat and Brian  from wrapped in winter Ontario and what better sight to see and take home from Florida then a large 14′ alligator lazing on the shore. You could imagine her glee if she could describe that scene to her jealous buddies back in Ontario.
Alas, it was not to be. You see big Al has temporarily left us. Perhaps he too has gone to visit his sister.
So, with no alligator viewing they were forced to make do with views of the canal and a walking tour of the Big O. We stopped to visit Brian and Sheila (We had introduced Brian and Pat to Brian and Sheila,(( becomes confusing doesn’t it? Imagine introducing the four of them to someone else you meet like lets introduce them all to Dale and Sheila. Just imagine that conversation)) years ago one weekend at a race track in Cayuga, Ontario). From there we stopped at Joe’s Bar, met Joe and he told them the story of his bar. They ooed and ahhed at the pool with the buck a beer, honor system fridge and appeared very impressed with all we displayed.
But still, no Big Al.

Free Lunch

It seems Pat had won big at Bingo the previous night, so before they began their trek back to Sebring she bought us all a great lunch at a local Okeechobee bar called Lunkers. We said our goodbyes in the bar’s parking lot, and had good hugs all around (except for Brian and I. I think that’s the best part of this lifestyle; I get to hug all the girls). They made us promise to mention them to Big Al when he returns and we went our separate ways.

Kathy; just for you, here’s a shot of Big Al to take home with you. (just between you and me I don’t think he’s much to look at anyway. And don’t ever forget, he bites)

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”
? Linda Grayson

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  1. ….no gator and thanks for the picture….. but Kathy now requests a picture of Joe’s Bar!!!! She said, “too bad it wasn’t 5 o’clock when we stopped at the little Tiki bar!!!”.

  2. Hi Brian. Thanks for the visit. It was good to see you guys. Just right click on any picture you see on the blog and save it, it’s yours.

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