Thousands Of People

This morning, co-incidentally on the morning of my 66 birthday, son Darren, daughter Pam, Marilyn and I participated in the Harry Rosen Spring Run Off with a few thousand of our closest and not so closest friends. You were all there too,  not physically, but we were thinking about all of you who had so generously pledged on our behalf as we made our way up all those wicked hills in High Park.  I just hope your legs and butt don’t hurt right now like mine do. If they do, I apologize, I really do.

It’s been 8 or 9 years since either Mar or I have done a running event like that, back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s we regularily did runs including half and full marathons “for the T-shirts”.  Since we started training for this run back in late October while we were still in Edmonton I’ve been wondering if this was going to be a one-off event or whether it would signal the start of a new round of fitness and running.  Marilyn is all set to give it another go. I’m going to wait until the afore mentioned butt and legs feel better and then think about it from there.

It’s funny, I remembered all the good times but over the years I completely forgot about the pain.

I better not think about it too long; I see the 10 km Peach Bud is on in Grimsby on June 28.

Maybe just one more.

I’m thinking the last time

7 thoughts on “Thousands Of People

  1. Great for you guy,s. Better to run in the cold?? Its been over 100 for 2 day,s in Ariz. no running here.. Well done

  2. Congrats to you on the run! We knew that you could do it!
    And…Happy Birthday Larry….hope that it is a good one. Have a great year!

  3. Congratulations, to the runners! A job well done! We also are thinking of you Larry, on Monday, when you have your surgery.
    Right now we are in Las Vegas and have been here three days. My how things have changed in the seven years, since we last were here! How can those casinos get any bigger and better! but they do. We saw cirque du soleil and it was fantastic, at the Bellagio. We met Lydia and Craig here and have been camping at Sams Town with them;
    We leave for home tomorrow morning and plan to be there around the 15th.
    Let’s not forget our bicycle ride this summer!
    Take care, and hope for the best.
    Don and Barb

  4. Hope this morning finds the muscles a little less sore. Good for you guys to make the run. Have a great day. Good luck tomorrow and talk to you soon.

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