Thoughts I’m Wrestling With

Remember the six boxes of wine we bought last week? They are just laying in the basement right now so I need to find a place to put them. I can’t find a suitable wine rack. I’ve been everywhere, not even the local Walmart Super Center has a wine rack for 3 liter wine boxes and usually the SuperCenters have everything you want.hell, usually they have a bunch of stuff you hadn’t even thought of yet.

The same day I bought the wine I also purchased a Variety Pack of Widmers beers. Wow, they make good stuff! Two of the four, the Drifter Ale and especially their Rotator India Pale Ale  have a real “grapefruit” flavor to them. I used to enjoy a chunk of grapefruit with breakfast but quit that stuff when I was told that grapefruit conflicts with my cholestrol medication.
What do you think? Is this an opportunity or what? Maybe it’s time I started thinking outside the box, or outside the case if that makes more sense. Maybe beer is really a breakfast drink after all.


7 thoughts on “Thoughts I’m Wrestling With

  1. I will help if I can, beer for breakfast, and maybe wine and beer for lunch and supper, no wine rack just buy more and be done with it! ( look for the deals thou). You only live once, ” we are here for a good time not a long time”. But only drink in moderation ok??

    Didn’t somebody say a liter a day keeps the doctor away or something like that ??

    Does that help you out????

  2. Actually that’s a pretty common drink in Mexico. Either Vodka or Tequila in beer. Not for me though, it would make me go “good nite”. In case you haven’t noticed I’m a “tender, gentle” person. Shit: I forgot sensitive, I’m sensitive too.

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