This Week for Positive Sure

At least we hope it’s this week. If we get into our coach this Thursday, and thats the current plan, it will  mean that my sweety has  been waiting onlyabout 10 weeks to get into her new home. She is truly a patient woman.

Whe had a bit of  a delay when the previous owners had a small  health issue, so there went a couple of weeks, then the coach sat in the yard at  Sicard’s  waiting to get into service to get prepped (we are busy) Finally it seems my “To Do” list for the techs was a little longer than usual (it is going to be our home right) and then last week,  as the time drew nearer, it was either we got our coach on time or a customer got theirs. Guess who won?

Anyway, everything looks on track for this Thursday afternoon.

Now I’m thinking maybe we should have gone for this one.