This Is Gonna Hurt

Good ship Vanstone fuel guage

The last time we put diesel in our 130 gallon (494 litre) fuel tank was way back in the last week of November. We obviously use diesel fuel to roll down the highways and bi-ways but in our coach diesel is also the major source of heat and hot water. So even though we spent over 6 weeks at Jojoba Hills we will still using a little fuel every day.
Today we move on to Quartzite and while we are on the move we will fuel up. The question at the moment is do we need to put some in “tiger in the tank” to get us out of California at about $4.10 per gallon or can we make it into Arizona and buy it for more like $3.50? I think we can make it across the State Line and reap the savings. I also think that our fuel guage shows a bit low, so there’s probably more juice in there then it shows. I may think those things but I know that I don’t really ever trust guages and we travel with a guy named Murphy (If anything can go wrong it will). I think to fill it will be 80 to 100 gallons and I’m going to put about 20 gallons in before we leave the Palm Springs area and then fill it in Arizona.
Like my mommy once told me: Better safe than sorry.

Dinner on the patio

Last night we had a fun evening and delicious dinner with Anne and Steen (Boy can that lady cook!). With my phone, I snapped a few pictures of their gorgeous back yard.

Enjoy those pictures. For the next week or two I will probably only be showing pictures of sand.

4 thoughts on “This Is Gonna Hurt

  1. You can fuel up at the flying J just across the river into Arizona, save you a few bucks. Nice looking back yard. I think in Quartzsite you will take more pictures of Rv’s, and people, and desert dirt than sand. Enjoy, we should be at La Posa West, monday, you will pass heading south on 95.

  2. Have the same problem with the fuel gauge here we rolled into town Jan 2 and didn’t see any good place to fill up so we are sitting here with the needle below the 1/4 mark when we pull out Feb 5 its going to hurt and its getting worse every week already gone up 9 cents since ( lol that’s 2 cents) we got here .

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