Things We Miss

We certainly aren’t missing the weather back in Canada, in fact we try not to even think about that. When ever we talk to the kids, friends or family though, one of the first things that comes up is the cold and snow. We miss the kids, but really enjoyed the time they were here and with skype we can talk to them regularily. We aren’t finding a lot of good beef here, but we’re getting better at that.  What we can’t find is baked beans (lots of beans but no cans of pork and beans) and of course, just every once in a while, we miss Tim’s.

The other day we were walking past one of our neighbors, Gord Watters. He and his wife Jane are from Winnipeg. Anyway, in his hand he has a Tim’s cup and it’s full of Tim’s coffee. That’s unusal for two reasons. One, there are no Tim’s in Mexico and more importantly, you usually see him with a cold beer. We naturally made a big deal about the coffee. Turns out they had brought it from home.

When we returned from our walk you can imagine our suprise: While we were gone the coffee fairy had visited us. Look what he had left us.

From Pictures in the Blog

Thanks Gord. We really enjoyed our Tims

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