Things We Learn On The Road


We are a week and about two thousand miles from home and I’m sure, as we travel, every day we learn something.
First; we re-learned we shouldn’t gamble. Ever!

We were parked at the lovely Gold Eagle Casino at North Battleford Saskatchewan. We thought we would brave the Thanksgiving Day crowds and try our hand at winning a few grand.. We put $5 in the first empty machine we found (we obviously missed that important clue) and I swear, in last then 60 seconds (OK, maybe it was 90) we were down to just  6 cents.

Lesson #2 is quite different: I took the picture of the grain and the sunrise because I thought it was a neat picture and perhaps someday would be the basis for a “Mar” painting. Only later, from good friends Glen & Myrna whom we visited in Altona, did I learn that the “grain” is actually corn, still in the fields because they want it to dry before they take it to near by Gimli for milling . After milling it will be distilled and become Canadian Rye whiskey, possibly Crown Royal.
Isn’t this amazing? Almost everything I touch turns into a story about booze.

Not this next one though:

Read the name on the toilet. Is this really where baby food actually comes from? I admit that I sampled the stuff a couple of times when the kids were on it and while I was less than impressed with the taste and mouth feel of the stuff, I never once thought that this is where it comes from.

Maybe the “taste” in that story is more about a lack of taste when discussing the author. So here’s a better story for you. First of all, it’s all true and it’s educational and there’s not a word about liquor until the very end.

Last year, on our first trip with this coach, while some days I could get the fuel mileage up to 9 or 10 for an hour or so, most of the time as we rolled down the highway at 65 to 75 mph, we were getting less than 8 miles per gallon. In fact, the computer says that since new our house has averaged only 7.3 mpg over almost 40,000 miles.
Anyway, this year I decided I was going to work on that mileage. This year, maximum speed is about 63 mph and where ever possible (you don’t worry about fuel economy coming though Chicago, you too worried about getting out of that town alive) I am keeping the tach under 1500 rpm.

We still have the days in the mountains and the days fighting a head wind but those days excepted, we are averaging more like 9.5 mpg. Impressive eh? What it means is that on a typical day our house burns 4 or 5 gallons less diesel than it did last year and at close to four dollars a gallon (more in Canada), that’s a substantial savings on fuel costs.
What I learned here is that  with all the money we’re saving on fuel I can go back to buying the good beer again.
Speaking of mileage; I’ll bet our house gets better mileage than this guy’s house.

2 thoughts on “Things We Learn On The Road

  1. Hey that looks like my house going down the road!!!! Sounds to me like you are headin to Alberta, eh!!! Good mileage!

    Want to talk about toilet seats…..hmmm, don’t get me going on the raised ones with my surgery and all..

    Love the grain/corn photo, mucho artsy, lotsa potential for Mar…however I refuse to discuss 0.6 cents….are u loco!!!!!!!!!!!

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