there’ll be some changes made

The famous writer (Moby Dick & more)Herman Melville on a visit to Mazatlan spoke these often quoted words.

In 1844, while in Mazatlan,  famous author Herman Melville apparently spoke the above words.

In 2015, while in Mazatlan,  Larry and Marilyn Vanstone stopped to read the above plaque, both nodded their heads in agreement and said;

“Hey, that’s us!”

And with that, let me tell you about some big plans in the Vanstone’s home-on wheels for this year.

Can you guess what this is going to be?

We love to travel: We love state, provincial and county parks. We love being able to stop at no park. We love to explore, snoop, poke and learn. We love to see new places, try new foods (and beers, and wines) and meet new friends. Like I said, we love to travel. After a week or two in one spot, we begin to wonder what else is out there to see and do.


Depending on how you count we have been full-time RVers for a total of 8 or 9 years and in our little world, that’s a long, long time.

We have saying or years that “someday we would sell the big rig, buy a smaller one and really get out and do the “off beaten path” kind of travel we enjoy so much.

the Pacific Ocean, right outside our door here in Mazatlan

So, when we get back to southern Ontario in April, the process will begin.

Step one; we buy a small grandma and grandpa style house. A permanent home base with RV parking for your small RV too.

Next according to our current plan our big rig moves on and we find a much smaller  motor home.

Current plans call for  a nice clean, slightly used, class C on a Mercedes chassis. Or something like that.  I can drive, Marilyn can drive and it’s small enough we can go anywhere. And stop anywhere.

Then we can truly come and go as we please. We can probably even fit in your driveway!

The classic Mexican Taxi: the Pulmonia (pool-mon-ee-ya)

So, if you know anybody looking for an extremely up-to-date, high-end, good used pusher, please pass the word on.

Step one though is find the stick house and get settled.

Stay tuned; you can bet there will be more to this story.

Tell us about changes coming up in your life.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” -Andre Gide

4 thoughts on “there’ll be some changes made

  1. Hi Larry and Marilyn,

    I didn’t think I’d see that day come for both of you but I can understand why. My new partner, Karen, and I will be heading down south next week and plan to be gone 5 or 6 weeks so that she can get her feet wet in the RV life style. After that, who knows. With a permanent home base in Port Dover it will be difficult to be gone for a longer periods but we’re not ready to let the luxury motorhome go for awhile.

  2. Seems like one door is starting to close and another one is starting to open. Good for you guys.
    See you at the open house sale. Travel safe.

    Ken & Char & the boys Patch & Perry

  3. Exciting changes! Glad that you will still be traveling. Hope we can get together on your way back and put our heads together over a few cocktails. Miss you guys

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