The Toy And The Plant

Marilyn was given the beaver by good freind Anne in Langley BC way way back in 2002, the same year I bought her the selection of cacti at the local Home Depot in Hamilton Ontario. They’ve both been around the Vanstone households ever since. In fact they have both sat on the dash of our motorhomes, all three of them, since 2007. Together they have crossed international borders including Canada, the US and Mexico close to 20 times. They’ve probably travelled over 40,000 miles up there.

In 2 more sleeps they will begin a new adventure and I gotta tell you, they are both extemely excited, I can tell.

The beaver usually likes to look the other way so he (or is it she? I’ve looked but I can’t tell) can see where we are going too, but no matter where we are that’s where they both live. The cactus gets out once in a while, some times when we are in Mexico we set it outside for a week or two, just so it can catch up on the latest and breathe some of that “home” air.

When Customs agents ask if we have any houseplants usually we say no (cacti just don’t seem like a house plant), sometimes we say yes, sometimes we say “just the cactus”. No matter what we say their life in the look out position continues.

Anyway, this all comes up because when Brian & Pat were here for dinner the other night Pat was checking out the cactus and casually commented “It looks like a penis. Wow! A Penis and a Beaver.”

Is it my imagination or is it time we found some new freinds?

By the way; Look closely at the picture. Do you see Marilyn, Buster & Angel?


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