The Story Of Joe’s Bar

Meet Joe Dunbar. Joe is the proprietor of the aptly named Joe’s Bar. When he and Debbie started thinking about making this bar they were actually thinking about putting in a hot tub on their lot here at the Big O. In fact, before they paved their site they put in the power and water with a tub in mind.

I asked Joe how it went from a hot tub to a bar and he explained that they thought about all their Big O friends coming over to use the tub and realized that no tub would be big enough for all the chums they have in the park. So then one day over a few drinks, they decided they would do a bar instead.

They went shopping for a bar but the best one they could find was about $600, had 3 pukey little stools for guests, one for the bartender and a goofy little umbrella. That just wasn’t going to cut it.

Back home, they reworked their plan and decided the only way to make this dream come true was to build it.

“If you build it they will come.”

As you may have gathered, the folks at the Big O are a pretty tight community so when he started talking about his plan to build a bar he was enthusiastically offered a lot of help.
Someone found an old keg fridge, another friend came up with a used ice maker. With a few trips to a lumber yard a bar was born. The patrons decided they would buy their own matching bar stools and they would each  put their name on their stool.

Joe decided his bar needed a few rules including;

No Smoking, no extreme profanity and that no money would cross the bar.
Another rule; gentlemen must get out of a lady’s chair when she comes to the bar and the most important rule of all, especially in a 55+ RV park, No sex on the bar.

The regulars decided that they should buy the kegs so they now keep a list of who purchases the three or four kegs required each winter.
The bar has expanded a few times. There is now seating for 19, with standing room for three more, but Debbie says that 20′ of bar is enough.
There is now a waiting list to get your name on a bar stool. You have to be a park resident to qualify and these days you have to wait for someone to die.

The night we were invited over to the bar, the regular crew were hosting a hot dog potluck. Marilyn’s contribution was diced onions for 62 people so you can see that it’s a popular place.. (Anybody need any diced onions? We can help)

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“He who has a thousand friends Has not a friend to spare, While he who has one enemy Shall meet him everywhere.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson