The Smiling Gator

IMAG2732We hook up the dogs and head out to do the Percy Quin State Park Nature Trail.

They call it a nature trail because the animals, the birds and the reptiles of  the swamp all line up  behind the bushes to watch the humans, pulled by their less than-a-mouthful dogs,  zig zag  between the trees, over hill and dale. For our part we get to learn about mud as well as pretty spring flowers. We also get to breathe genuine  fresh air.

The trail is 8 miles long and we were on it for a couple of hours, I’m guessing we did half of it.


IMAG2735The forest is pretty thick out there but the trail is well-marked. As long as you follow the orange paint marks on the trees , you’ll never get lost.

They’ve cleaned out some the bigger fallen trees but  you are still constantly stepping, or tripping over if you’re not careful, the tree roots  growing along the top of the ground.


I’m not joking about the nature trail bit. We heard a lot of birds but saw no animals until we were almost back at the trail head where Marilyn spotted an alligator. He smiled “hello” as we walked by. I think it was a hello smile, either that or it was a “can I meet your cute little puppies” smile. for sure he smiled.
My little buddy Buster was getting pretty tired towards the end but he did it, a 2 hour walk up and over stumps, branches and roots, through swamp and up and down the hills. These days Angel leads the way, but there is no way that our “main dog” going to be left.


“I never thought I’d see the day all our kitchen appliances would be electric. They’re even making electric typewriters now!” 1955

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