The Road To Indiscretion

When we were at Lake Okeechobee back in 2008 we rode our bikes down this road probably a half-dozen times. Every time at a particular spot we would see a couple parked over to the side of the road locked in very animated discussions. Our impression was these two were carrying on some sort of affair and had chosen this quiet country road as their secret rendezvous location. Their relationship seemed to be at a bit of a rocky point and what ever the issues were they had not been resolved before we left the area.

As we biked along the road these years later we wondered what ever happened to this couple. Did they become a couple or did they each remain coupled to someone else? We searched for the exact rendezvous point, I suppose we were hoping to find a clue to solve this 5 or 6-year-old mystery.
No such luck.
We did notice the road was in much poorer shape now then it was then. The entire gravel part now has severe washboard making it extremely difficult to enjoy our ride.
I guess life does that to us for a reason.
Over on the other side of the internet we discuss safe RVing. These days neither a man or  woman can’t be too careful where they put their power cord. Come on over and have read.

All men make mistakes, married men just find out about them sooner.

Red Skelton

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