The Other Reality

We arrived in the Grimbsy area Friday afternoon at about 5:30 and headed for a few days camping at “Camp Sicard”, where I work (hard I might add) in the summers. Despite the cold and the snow it feels good to be back.

By the time we get the motor home parked and plugged in there’s a message on my phone that basically says ” Welcome back, I need you to work tomorrow. See you at 9 AM. So much for our planned relaxing few days getting back into the groove, but it’s nice to know I’m still loved  (I love you too Roger). After close to 6 months of not using my brain, the day went well. By the end of the day I was back in the work mode ready to give it hell for the summer. Now it really feels good to be back.

Basically the difference between the two realities is instead of asking “Can I get you a beer?” I now need to ask “Credit card or a cheque to put your name on that?” Once I get that in my head, I’m good to go for the summer.

Today we head in to Toronto to catch up with the kids. More on that later.

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