The Merc

Jazz group at the Merc, Temecula, Caifornia

Last night friends Chuck and Anna (more about them later) took us to a Thursday night Jazz Club in Old Town Temecula called The Merc for an evening of “mainline, straight ahead jazz” and we had a great time.

Chuck had asked us a week or so ago if we liked Jazz and we both said “yes”. Really what we meant to say was “we like smooth jazz, you know the pasteurized stuff you put on the radio  with  a nice dinner, but we’ve never really sat down and listened to mainline, straight ahead jazz, the real stuff.

Turns out we were right, we do like jazz. And the merc is a warm and inviting 45 seat venue. The perfect spot for a few  hours of listening to good music and enjoying the odd sip of good wine.

Anna and Chuck

We had been here at Jojoba Hills for a couple of days and were out walking our puppies one morning when we saw a familiar face walking our way. Marilyn caught on first and exclaimed “Anna!”

The immediate response “Marilyn!”.

Turns out that they had been our neighbors for the past two winters at Tres Amigos in Mazatlan. It also turns out that Jojoba Hills is their home park, this is where they live.

We are extremely fortunate; we have been travelling around enough now that it is not at all uncommon for us to run into someone we know. Someone we met on the other side of the continent, somewhere.

As George would say “We live an awsome lifestyle!”

You say To-may-tos, I say tom-at-os. I think he’s pretty close. I would say the correct term is amazing but awsome will do in a pinch.


4 thoughts on “The Merc

  1. Glad You enjoyed the Jazz and its so nice to run into people you have met somewhere else in your travels, we remember meeting them as well.
    Like you said “awesome”, “amazing”, no matter how you say it, we do lead a wonderful, excellent, marvellous lifestyle!

  2. yeah what a great day!!! And to meet up with friends..hoping to have a great taste of the lifestyle come Tuesday….we are booked in Savannah GA the first week of April for the Savannah ‘jazz festival’ …never mind not much else is pre booked but that week definitely is..we can’t wait…have a wonderful christmas….and all the best in 2012 to your family

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