The Last Snow

We’ve been here at 50 Point for a week now. The grass is greening, the trees are budding and the snow is disappearing. All are true signs of a Canadian Spring I would say. You can see how much snow was left at 8:30 this morning with a temperature just above freezing. The question is; When will it be gone? I’m thinking I should get a pool going. I was going to guess 3:15 but it’s really starting to warm up out there, now I think I’m going to go 1:07. Winner may get a beer.

New Wife, Sort Of:

Yesterday morning my lovely lady went to her appointment at Marine Land, thanked them all very much for all the fun she’s had the last couple of years and said she wasn’t coming back. By yesterday afternoon she was telling all who would listen that she is an Artist.  The rest of us  already knew that  but now we are all on the same page. Put another way, I am married to unemployed trailer trash with paint all over her nose. We’re going to have a fun summer.

Political Comment:

Any of us who have been near the US/Mexico border have been blown away by the hundreds, no thousands of Home Land Security vehicles we see going back and forth. You wonder how many Billions they go through every month protecting us from spanish speaking women and children. All this as their older northern cities rot out from the inside out.

Now the Director of the FBI admits that the FBI has not solved a single crime in 10 years (read the article)

As a casual observer of life in the US this revelation makes this Canadian boy one happy fella. I constantly marvel at how  inept and ineffective  our politicians are. Now I think our neighbors to the south have even more to be concerned about then us. It’s a small comfort, but a comfort none the less.

Thankyou. I appreciate the read.