The Evolution Of Her Art

5 years of progress. From the top: An original oil painting, prints of original oils on canvas of various sizes, greeting cards featuring her art and coasters of original art prints on ceramic tiles. Do we see a pattern here? Can we say Original?

This story starts almost exactly five years ago, right here, gazing at the canal at the Big O.
We’d driven down from Ontario in our RV to spend a few weeks with friends Brian and Sheila Mathewson. After checking in and getting settled we get together to catch up on the news. During the conversation Sheila mentions to Marilyn that she is booked into line dancing lessons the next day and she wonders if Mar would like to  go too? Always enthusiastic Marilyn agrees right away, she’s in.

Just one more thing says Sheila, after line dancing she has her weekly oil painting lesson.  Is Mar in for that as well?
Mar had talked about painting for years. She was interested in line dancing, but she is crazy excited about oil painting.
She made it to two line dance lessons before she said enough. The painting instantly became her passion.

Since painting in Florida she has worked with painting teachers and practiced her craft where ever we travel; in Ontario, on both the east and west coasts of Mexico, in Oregon California , Arizona and beyond.
Two years ago she added original greeting cards to her portfolio, last year she added coasters which are prints of her original paintings laminated on ceramic tiles.

2 ceramic tiles with an original greeting card between

This year she is adding quality prints in various sizes of her originals, all printed on Strathmore canvas paper and sealed with urethane so they will last forever, just like the original oils. Look for more and different prints to follow.

Prints on Strathmore canvas paper sealed with urethane, matted with backing. Add a frame and voila!

A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires.
Hedy Lamarr

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