The Doors Of Brockville

While visiting buddies Dale and Sheila in Brockville, we were re-introduced to something we haven’t done in a few years, Geocaching. While Marilyn and the Ducarmes followed their Garmin back and forth downtown trying to salve the puzzle, I saw some very interesting doors that I would like to share with you here:

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Just the day before they showed us the local country highlights including the “first bridge ever built in Ontario” in the pretty little town of Lyndhurst.

First bridge built in Ontario: Lyndhurst Bridge.

First bridge built in Ontario:
Lyndhurst Bridge.

One things for sure; When you’re traveling with the Ducarmes you get the full meal deal. On our last night in town we feasted on fish and chips from the local chippery while sailboats played on the mighty St Lawrence river as the sun set.

I’m posting this on September 1. It must be a coincidence or maybe not, but I’m so looking forward to my retirement on October 1. Then II’ll have lot’s of time for more pictures and maybe even a few more words.

IMG_4786-01Today’s featured image (that’s the picture up on the top) is all about changing times. Another deserted church, this one in Brockville, awaits a developer’s loving touch. Because of it’s nearby to downtown it’s  probably soon to be renovated into condos or maybe a fancy restaurant.

In the meantime, with it’s broken windows and holes in the roof it’s the perfect home for a few families of racoons and other animal creatures.

Living in a small town is like living in a glass house

Thank you for the read.