The Buster Report

That's Buster on the left, Angel on the right.

That’s Buster on the left, Angel on the right.

This weekend it will have been six months since Buster had his stroke.

At that time he couldn’t walk, he couldn’t stand, he couldn’t roll over. I vividly remember  two days after the event visiting my little buddy in the animal hospital. He was trying so desperately to get close to me but could only flail around. He laid there with his tongue hanging out, one eye looking north, the other staring south. I’m sure he was not very comfortable. I know I was devastated.

I also know I wasn’t at all convinced when the doctor assured me that he would make a “close to full recovery.”

Now, a mere 180 days later he is very different dog.

He’s got a bit of a limp when he walks and drags his front paw (note the red booty on his left foot that he wears on long walks).

He won’t jump up on furniture any more but that’s not a bad thing. He won’t attempt the steps in and out of our motor home with out a lot of encouragement, but even  before the stroke, actually since we tiled the stairs,  he was never fond of using them. He will however, go up and down any other stairs anywhere  with zero hesitation.

He started playing with Angel a couple of months ago, I think the dogs enjoy the beach even more than we do, and now loves to play with almost all the dogs he meets. He can’t keep up to many of them anymore, but he’s learned to make his circles smaller.

His attitude is certainly back, a is his memory and his appetite and bark.
We are now believers that dogs can quickly recover from a severe stroke. He has and is “continuing to make a close to full recovery”

Did I mention that we are truly thankful for every day we have with him and Angel.

Hello Spring!


Spring arrives in Mississippi today at 11:57 am.

I’ve announced Spring’s arrival for a couple of weeks now as we’ve move in and out of her warmth. As we move north we keep getting a bit ahead of her, but the good news is she continually catches up.

Here near Magnolia temperatures are in the 40’s at night but well into the 70’s during the days. We consider that perfect!

  “Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”-Robin Williams

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  1. Ah, doggy people. Glad your little buddy has mostly recovered. It’s heartbreaking when their health goes south. Probably why my wife and I have chosen to be pet free these days. We’ve had too many heartbreaks over the years.
    Bob recently posted…At least they make it easy.My Profile

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