The Big O RV Resort

We have been here for a little more than a week now, maybe it’s time we told you a bit about the park.
Its certainly not a new park. No one seems to know exactly when the park opened but I have found a 1985 stamped in the concrete up near the office, so I’m guessing that’s a clue. Not new maybe, but a fun place for sure. The people we’ve met here are genuinely interested in who we are and where we are from.

Like the sign says, is an ownership park, so the RV sites are individually owned (compared to Tanglewood, where many folks own their modular but lease the land it sits on). Except for around the clubhouse and along the canal and lakes, it’s all concrete and pavement, so certainly very clean.
Like any other park in a 55+ community it has its issues. I didn’t count, but I am told that more than 100 of the roughly 300 sites here are either For Sale or For Lease. That’s common as these kinds of parks try to find their place in the new economy.

They have a neat feature here: there is a bit of a bar right beside the bath water warm pool. In the bar is a beer fridge. You put your dollar in the can and help yourself to a cool one. Is that cool or what?
We’ve got almost 4 weeks more here before we move on down the trail and we are OK with that. I’ve shown you pictures of our back yard on the canal so you can understand why we are suddenly in no hurry.

I was wondering if you could lend me a buck or two? Sure, a five would be good too.

Another TechnoGeek Rally

I was reading Nick Russel’s (of Gypsy Journal Fame) blog this morning and he is saying that the TechnoGeek crew are going to do another TechnoGeek rally in late March. If you, like me, get a bit frustrated with your computer from time to time you would love this program. They can’t guarantee zero frustration after attending their rally but you will have a basic understanding about what went wrong and how to right it.

Marilyn has always been more computer-savvy than I but the Geeks helped me a lot in beginning to understand what’s happening.I still get frustrated, but now at least I know why and sometimes, can now sort it out myself with even cursing.

I don’t know what you think, but I believe it’s now possible that computers and smart phones and tablets are here to stay. For our own preservation perhaps we need to learn a bit.

One last link

I’m on Twitter and I even have a few followers. (I’m a follower too, but I do follow other people) This morning I have two  new followers including a couple that do a blog called MotoNomadics. They look like a fun couple who do some fun stuff. Check out their website, I think you too will enjoy it.

Are you on twitter too? We should get together. My handle is @LarryVanstone. Come on over and say hello. Maybe we can walk up to the pool; I’ll buy you a beer.

“How tweet it is to be      loved by you.”
James Taylor