That’s Memories

This picture is taken on the Salton Sea, in eastern California. It’s December 1985.  We’ve been on the road for about a month, travelling with our two kids. Jason is 4 at this point and will have a birthday party at an RV park south of San Diego. Pam is two. We both work for Otto Mobiles, an RV dealer in Edmonton, and have borrowed a motor home for a couple of month trip south before the kids get into kindergarten the following fall. We are two hook up with friends Rick & Wynn Young for Christmas at Disneyland.

The motorhome is a 1979 26RT Winnebago Brave. See the bikes hanging off the back? One has a kiddie seat; that’s for Pam. Now look at the trike tied to the roof rack on top of the coach. This was a real conversation starter where ever we went.

At the start of this trip Jason’s bike still had training wheels. I think it was about this point in the adventure that they came off, for ever.

Now, 26 years later, the kids have moved on and started lives of their own. But we are still doing our thing.

There is a difference though. Our dogs don’t ride bikes.

By the way; Welcome back. I missed you.


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  1. Nice to hear from you!! Were still waiting for our summer,hear you’ve go it this year!! How is work and when is wedding, I’d love to see the dresses you made Mar!!! Hope all,s well… Susie

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