Team Effort


 This story starts about 3 weeks ago when our daughter Pam flys out from Toronto to Edmonton to visit us and family for a few days. Seems that while she is in 
town  she wants to buy a new pair of running shoes, to save the tax. Turns out  she is preparing to do a run with her soon to be husband Jamie, her brother Darren and his wife Sherry. The run they are all going to do is the Harry’s Spring Run Off.

Coincidentally, the run is on my birthday, April 2, its a  run  for Prostrate Cancer and it’s  2 days before I am scheduled for surgery for my very own prostrate cancer. Pretty much a grand slam right?

Now there’s something I can get excited about!  Going for a run, with my kids, and my wife,  for prostrate cancer, 2 days before I go for surgery for that same cancer. That’s all the motivation I need.  So now, for the last two weeks Marilyn and I have been out for a run at least 5 days out of 7.

It’s been a long time since we ran, so progress is slow, but there is progress. We have 4 months to go, we will be ready.

So this is where you come in: This is where we make it a real team effort: We are running as a team, we are calling the team amazingvanstones. Join us on the team if you want or start saving your pennies so when it’s time you can help us by making make a pledge. 

And if you’re a guy while you’re waiting, why not call your doctor and get your PSA checked. It only takes a minute

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