Tablet, smartphone or computer; How do YOU read us?

bigoldcomputerWhile the content is the same on all platforms what you see on your computer looks quite different from what you see on a tablet or a smart phone.

You may noticed lately, or you may not have, but I have added more white space to make my stories easier to read on the smaller screens.

I’m finding that if I sit down to read and surf the web I’m more likely to grab a tablet or smart phone. Others only use their computer.
I want to design this site so that it’s easy for you.

So please do me a favor and take a minute and do the questionnaire.  I look forward to your responses.
If you like me, use more than one device, click each one that applies. And yes, I value your comments you wish to add.

In other news: How’s the fitness routine doing Larry?

We talked earlier in the week about our newly re-discovered interest in getting a tad more fit. So far this week we have biked over 50 miles, swam for what seems like days and walked our poor puppies legs off.  We have beat our wretched bodies to a pulp.

Today  we cry Uncle and  declare a day of rest.

“Ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies.” -Oliver Goldsmith

One thought on “Tablet, smartphone or computer; How do YOU read us?

  1. Read it everyday and always looks great. We did 20 miles yesterday on legacy trail from Venice to Sarasota, going to do waterway trail today. Too bad we miss you here as leave tomorrow. Maybe we should meet between today for sunset cocktail on beach

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