The original plan called for our daughter Pamela to fly down from Toronto and join us for a week or so in Mazatlan mid February and Marilyn has been really looking forward to, counting down to, her arrival. About a month ago Pam’s plans changed and somehow we forgot to tell Mar. Instead Pam hatched this amazing plan to surprise her.

Yesterday was the day. We needed to get her from the airport to the RV park and our buddy Bob volunteered to look after that. We needed to control where Marilyn would be  and we wanted her to be somewhere where everyone could take part in the surprise. The Browns came up with a Margarita party.

It all went off perfectly. Pamela’s plane was a little early, Bob brought her down the beach and got her here at the perfect time. Marilyn was absolutely surprised and everyone enjoyed the scene.

And the margaritas you ask? Yes they were excellent. As were the banana daquiris and the strawberry slushes after them.

I’m putting together this post on Sunday morning Pam and Marilyn are laying in our bed, still yakking away. It’s been pretty much non stop since about four oclock yesterday.

I would just like to thank everyone of you who helped us pull this little caper off. We will all remember it for the rest of our lives.

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