The rules were simple: Don’t plan anything after n00n on Saturday. She would say no more.

I’ve been watching her work on this for months. She’s been having fun and I knew I would too when the day finally arrived.

I could tell  it was going to be a BIG deal when even the dogs had to have a bath. We (the dogs and I) were loaded into the car, to Toronto and the Delta Chelsea Hotel. We check in and our room is basically loaded with presents.

So  just for being 65 I now have a new top of the line Dell computer with Wi-Fi printer, a Canon Power Shot camera and al the accessories for both. Plus numerous bottles of delicious looking wine, interesting sounding beers and some real high end chocolate.

Later, I was taken to a little hole-in-the-wall Toronto restaurant (my favorite kind) for an amazing evening  with almost all my family (sorry Tracy& Mike, I promise we’ll catch up) and importan others.

After a couple of years in the motor home we are enjoying a couple of days in a fine hotel in the big city. We will be back where we belong later Monday.

2 thoughts on “Suprise!

  1. Wow !! New PC,camera and printer, fancy hotel, family and good food,wine and beer, what more can you ask for, can’t wait until I’m 65. And I can’t believe how surprised you looked!!!!

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