Sunshine and Blue Sky

That’s the weather forecast for the big day on Saturday. Sounds like a perfect day for a wedding.

Today we all went to the  chosen wedding location, a place called Fantasy Farms,  in the Don Valley right in the middle of Toronto. We had a quick rehearsal (“start with your left foot so you don’t step on her dress and walk slowly Larry”: I think I can do that), toured the gorgeous facilities and headed off for a quick lunch.

Here’s a good chance for you to meet some of the family: Starting on the left, Jason, Elizabeth with Aiden, you all know Mar, then James’ mom Cindy. that’s our soon to be son in law James, the lucky girl Pam and Sherry.

It’s going to be an exciting week.


One thought on “Sunshine and Blue Sky

  1. Yeahhhhhh we found you again…..Rick had your link incorrect on our blog…so I thought you just were not posting anymore….good luck this weekend….:) hope all goes off without a hitch…loving our MH!!!!

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