Sunset and a Steak


Port Dahlousie light house

The Port Dalhousie Lighthouse: The gateway to the original Welland Canal


Turns out I miss-spoke. It wasn’t an eight dollar steak, it was $10.95. But it was a fourteen ounce, a  pretty good  piece of meat considering the price, and we both agreed it was cooked just right. So for about twenty-two dollars we each had a delicious dinner. I had two pints of Silversmith black lager and Marilyn had two good-sized glasses of wine, so when we got the after-dinner bill including the taxes and the tip it was about $75.00.


Isn’t it amazing how it all adds up!


But in spite of the cold and the nasty wind off Lake Ontario I got some good shots. I think I could shoot pictures of sunsets every night of my life. I guess that’s because I like color so much, and sunrises and sunsets always strike me as mother natures gift to me for being out there.

I parked the car right on the edge of the canal, just twenty steps from the edge, and left it running. Mare stayed inside, probably never even undid her seat belt.

I would jump out, fire off and few shots, jump back in the car and warm up. Then repeat, and repeat again and again. The radio said it was close to minus 30 with the windchill. I’m sure with that wind off the lake I mentioned if was all of that.


The crummiest picture I took all night was the one of the steak. I guess I was too focused on the Black Lager.

steak and fries

Dinner was delicious!


I have that video we talked about yesterday. I’m not proud of it but I’m going to let you have a look so that you can watch me improve as I get better at it. Then, and only then, you can lavish loads of compliments my way.
I’m focused on learning how to put together good videos so that when we do the Maritimes this summer I can shoot the odd video to show you what we’re seeing. Friend and fellow blogger Contessa Jewel gave me a web address of a RV travel Maritime blog and we are going to have fun. And you will get to see some video.

Here’s my current video:

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