Sunday Morning Maz

A beautifully renovated centuries old building

This morning, after breakfast, Mare and I decided on a walk up to Mazatlan’s famous lighthouse, El Faro. From out here on the Isla , the complete round trip consists of a beach walk, water taxi rides back and forth across the shipping channel, and then a walk to and up the mountain. Including the half mile change in elevation up and again down, it usually winds up as an 8 to 10 mile round trip.

This truck may not be much to look at but look at the art behind it.

Off we go, down the beach, on the boat and head off to our goal.

With the climb and the lighthouse in site, we pass a long staircase to our right. “When was the last time you and I walked those stairs ” I say to my lovely.
I would like to say that Mare and I are very goal oriented and always stay with our original plan until we complete. I’d like to, but it wouldn’t be true. Suddenly, instead of a trip up El Faro, we are off up the stairs to a restaurant named El Mirador and beyond.

Soon we are looking down hundreds of feet to the road we were just walking on. We spend the next 3 hours meandering around Old Town Mazatlan, exploring streets we either never explored before, or at least, haven’t explored in years. By now, the dogs are calling us.

Mare knocks on the door of this old forgotten building “Anybody home?” she asks

As our the chores we promised we would handle when we left, so it’s back on the panga, across the channel and back down the beach for a round trip of 6 or 7 miles and lots of new sites.

So that’s how our day started, how about you?

“Travel far enough and  you will find yourself.” David Mitchell.


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