Sugar Ants

the lead singer ant

While in Bulow RV Park we acquired a colony of Sugar Ants, wee insects know in finer, more classy circles as Camponotus consobrinus, or, in the Vanstone house called bastardus minutus. We have these little bastards once before. We picked some up in Brownsville Texas one time and they travelled with us all down through the east coast of Mexico and then continued with us until our early spring arrival in Canada where the batardus minutus  sadly were unable to handle the freezing temperatures.

I was thankful the freeze had worked because I was a little tired of all the trouble they were causing us. For example when we crossed back in to Canada we were asked if we had anything to declare  and I, in my most honest voice, said “yes, we have ants.”  As I recall it was a few hours until we were allowed to actually enter the country.

These though are from a much younger and hipper generation then the ones we had in years gone by. I know this because while those only seemed to hang around the kitchen looking for handouts, the new ones like to entertain.

The younger generation visiting us now act like a flash mob: A large group of them will suddenly appear, for example, on the kitchen floor, complete with their own musical band (I’m just guessing here, It could be a DJ or perhaps an ant with an iPod and boom box). They will do their little dance, all in their little lines, and then disappear for a day or so.

Adam and the Ants

Then, just about the time we decide they have left us to go entertain the troops overseas or something (my suggestion was Afghanistan), they are back, en masse and they do their routine again. The ant band plays (remember Adam and the Ants?), the singers sing while the dancers prance with their carefully pointed toes but then, as quickly as they appear they disappear until their next impromptu performance at some other area in our house.

The good thing is we have had no people visitors since the invasion of the ants. Can you imagine trying to explain an ant performance on your living room floor to some folks from Maine whom you just met and are trying oh so hard to impress? I bet they won’t be staying for dinner.

This old dog can be taught new tricks

Pumping out our most private deposits.

How many thousands of nights have we slept in our RV’s? Is it 3,000 or is it closer to four thousand?  I don’t know but yesterday, for the first time ever, we had our tanks pumped out. The area of Sunshine RV Resort that  we are in has electricity, water and cable TV, but does not have any sewer. Instead they pump us out Tuesday and Friday They came around with their tractor towing a trailer with a big plastic tank on it. The gentleman you see in this shot hooks his giant sewer hose to my virgin sewer-connector, his buddy on the tractor starts the pump and whoosh, all our fine dining etc is sucked away.

Actually, it felt pretty good. I think we may start frequenting parks that don’t have  underground sewer. They will, of course, have to offer a pump out service. Truth be told, I’m kind of looking forward to Friday.

What do you call two teenage ants running to Vegas?


6 thoughts on “Sugar Ants

  1. Yikes those visitors sound just awful. We too were treated to ants in the Georgia area a few years ago and getting rid of them was a chore for sure. Good luck!

  2. Try Terro ant bait. Can be purchased at Lowes and Home Depot. Also there is “eco” spray ( won’t hurt you or the dogs) you can use….it is in a green and white can and smells like peppermint. May take a week or two, but thati show I got rid of my problem last year. I had a “new and unopened” container of honey in the cupboard and ants were swarming it within a day of buying it.

  3. haa haa aahaa great story — hope the “ANTertainers” are not getting into the BLACK BOX!

  4. Another thought….buy another Black Box, drink it all in one sitting….you guys won’t see the ants for quite awhile…and the ants lose out on the wine!!!

  5. Ouch! Red wine headache already. Besides, I enjoy the challenge of killing the little bastards. I like your first idea better.

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