Strange Visitors


We have a lot of visitors here at 50 Point. There’s always birds at the feeder or drinking from the dog’s water dish.  Squirrels  and rabbits regularily come by, mostly just to get Angel and Buster going I think. We see turtles, smell skunks and often hear coyotes.
But today we had a really strange one: today we had a fairy, a cherry tomato fairy to be exact. It left its assortment of treasures on our picnic table just like the Easter Bunny did at Easter.
Maybe they are related.

3 thoughts on “Strange Visitors

  1. Hey Guys
    I thought that you were lost I kept checking the link for your blog and kept getting page not available message but today I clicked on your link from George & Suzies blog and there you were posting as usual. I had a bad link!!!!!

    Anyway we are on the road to Cape Breton, the rig is working great, life is good.


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