Strange Things Happened

Strange things happen when you have no plans on where you are going.

When we last chatted we were in Southwest Texas enjoying Austin, Fredericksburg, Big Bend National Park and Marfa and more about all of them later. But then the weather took over. Incoming freezing rain, strong, cold winds all the way from that nasty Canada chased us out of the high deserts of west Central Texas. We escaped to as far southwest you can get and still be in Texas, Laredo.

3 days into our 7 day reservation at Casa Blanca State Park in Austin in still near freezing weather our “No Plan Winter” suddenly had a crystal clear goal.

I believe our exact words were not quite as polite as “Screw  It!”

"After darkness, there is always light"

“After darkness, there is always light”


Last Monday we arrived in Tres Amigo RV Park on the Pacific coast near Mazatlan Mexico and have been sucking up 80+ degree days and all the ice-cold beer we can ever since.

We’ve got stories, lots of them, from both sides of the border, and over the next while we will share all of them.

Well maybe not all of them. How about we share most of them?

Sorry I’ve been ignoring you, but as we all know, sometimes things get bunged up and nothing comes out. So then you have to find a tonic to get things going again. I didn’t use Exlax or any of that kind of stuff, there was never any blockage there, just a few shots of some real high-grade tequila last night (thanks to Bob and Paula) and this morning, as you can see, everything is working just fine.

Oh, what a relief!

Thanks one again for the read, hopefully we can get together on a more regular basis from now on.

I have lots of pictures for you to catch up on my Facebook page (I’m Larry Vanstone) and even more on Instagram (I’m VanstoneLarry). Sometimes I even hang out on Twitter. Please come and join me

Come on by whenever you’ve got a minute, there’s always lots of cold Pacifico in the beer fridge.



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  1. Nice to hear someone speak his mind even it it means having to tolerate rough language like “Screw it”. If you’re going to be in Fifty Point this Spring (who isn’t?) maybe I can coax out the “exact words” via Scotch, Bourbon, Tequila, beer (check 1, several or all). Soak up the sun – you’ll need it in May.
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