Strange Phenomena!


We have all seen the stories and pictures of the crop circles in the farm lands of England and even once in a while, in parts of rural US. And who could forget the tales of cattle mutilation on the ranch lands of Alberta. Or ,once again in England, Stonehenge. But this is really weird.

What strange form of extra-terrestrial life could possibly have created this? Is this why the dogs were unexplainably barking furiously after mid night last night? Is this park being visited by RV’s and Rvers from other planets?

I know we go to bed early at night, but I haven’t noticed any really really strange strangers.

Think about it, if scientists can’t explain Stonehenge or crop circles how will we ever learn what created the about to be infamous 50 Point Picnic Table Circle?

Now it’s even more important we leave soon. For all our safety, October 27 can not come soon enough.

Legendary picnic table circle

Legendary picnic table circle