Stories To Tell

The stories this old RV could tell!

The stories this old RV could tell!

San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico sits about 500 miles south of Phoenix, Arizona. It is right on the Mexican Sea of Cortez and  the area offers great boating, fishing and swimming. Right next door to Totonaka RV Park, is an abandoned RV park. While all the patios, palapas and bodegas remain, all but a couple of the RV’s are gone. The park looks like it was probably about 40 years old and I assume everything is just “worn out”. The property has a large “for sale” sign, ready for better things ahead. Right now, the place has kind of eerie feel to it.

This one old RV begged me to come over for a closer look.
As I snapped this picture of this 40 something year old trailer, now too old to be worth taking home,  I felt I could hear the laughter from years gone by. First there was a young couple who built their dream get-away on the ocean, near the tropics. Here they could swim, boat and fish all year-long, all with in a few hours of home.

And, who forget the fun nights in the local beach bars and clubs, laughing the nights away with their new Mexican friends.
They started a family, and while the discos went away, they loved the family times. Years later their kids moved on so mom and dad enjoyed the area and the activities with the other childless couples in their RV park.
As quickly as the kids disappeared, they were back, now with kids of their own and this lovely old RV vibrated once again. Now Grandma and Grandpa their grandchildren, teaching them to boat, swim and catch the big ones.
It’s quiet now, obvious the people all have moved on, but their memories and the memories of the all their friends and neighbors from this park will surely live on.
Some where, right now, a family somewhere is remembering the good times they all had right here in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.
We are all so fortunate get to enjoy our RV’s.

“The town was paper, but the memories were not.”

-John Green

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