Spring Back

Nashville spring flowers

Nashville spring flowers

We’ve been flirting with spring for over a month now. We could see her trying to surround us in Gulf Shores Alabama, but we couldn’t wait for the show, we moved on. Later, in Biloxi, Mississippi she joined us again to tease us with her colors. Never satified, we moved on again, this time north and got ahead of her but she found us in Marigold, Mississippi and gave us a great show. Once again our itchy wheels got the best of us and we snuck north to Memphis. She caught us again and certainly did not disappoint.
Then  we moved a little north-east to Nashville and now she has found us again.

We arrived here with good friends Bob and Marjorie Monday and enjoyed their company until yesterday morning when they left their  spot next door and headed north up I-65.

Yesterday afternoon at about 3 pm we were joined by Dale and Sheila in that same next door site. Of course, that called for a bit of a celebration and hours of chatter about our respective winters.

Today we introduce them to Nashville’s Broadway Street  (locals call it  the “Broad” ) and we’re thinking it’s going to be a pretty fun time.

IMAG2883 We were out doing our thrift store thing yesterday and after an especially good find we stopped into a local coffee-house to celebrate over a couple of lattes. There’s a broken brick in the wall behind us and you can see whats in the hole. The shop-keeper tells us that while the elephant lives there permanently, the scene around the elephant regularly changes. They’ve don’t know who does that or when they do it, but they assume one of their regulars, having a little fun.

We never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity of people.

“There’s such a cool vibe in Nashville. it has the excitement of a big city but also has this amazing small town feel.”… “But most of all, it’s the people. The Southern charm and hospitality.”-Hayden Panettiere

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